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Our special events station for the Volvo Ocean Race 2012 stopover was featured in Echo Ireland

 Wild Atlantic Way:

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Gerry   EI8EXB   gerryormond@eircom.net

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Our next club meeting is on Monday 14th May 2018 in Menlo Park Hotel at 8pm.


Our 2 metre repeater has been repaired and is now back on air. It is now equipped with Yaesu Wires-X. Galway repeater is linked into the CQ Ireland Yaesu fusion network.

This is an IRLP node.The number is 5768.

Besides IRLP, echolink is also available on the repeater EI2TBR-R Node 836867.
Dial dtmf 4151 before the node you want to connect to via VHF handheld, etc.
There is also an Echolink app available for Android.

Our 70cms repeater is still being repaired.

Obtaining a license:

Galway Radio Experimenters Club will consider running classes to prepare candidates for the Amateur Radio Station examination.

Anyone interested please contact 087 2327359 or reply through our “contact us” page above.

The last Amateur Station Licence Examination was held on Thursday 29th June in the ComReg Offices in Dublin.



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