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Digital Radio Network: Steve Wright (EI5DD) has updated his Digital Radio Manual with a new version uploaded today (09-Sep-2021).

NVIS: Steve Wright (EI5DD) gave a presentation on NVIS on 04-November-2020. The recording is available here (Google Drive).

Digital Radio Network: To help getting started on the Digital Radio Network, especially those in Ireland please see the Digital Card and Digital Radio Operating Manual – both written by Steve Wright (EI5DD).

Upcoming presentations: The events calendar has been updated to reflect a set of upcoming virtual presentations being given by members of the Galway Radio Club.

Galway Digital Radio Network: Steve Wright (EI5DD) gave a presentation on the Galway Digital Radio Network via. Zoom on 27-July-2020 – the recording is available here (Google Drive). It was well attended on the night with about 29 people with people not only from the Republic of Ireland, but also from Northern Ireland and the UK. This same presentation was also given 14-July, with an equally large number of people attending from around Ireland. Credit to Steve Wright for putting together a very interesting presentation that was very well received by all who attended.

EI100ABC Special Event June 2019

Members of GREC take to the air with EI100ABC to commemorate the centenary aviators Alcock & Brown’s remarkable achievements of crossing the Atlantic nonstop in their Vickers Vimy plane


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Our club meetings are on the first Monday of each month at 8.00pm.  Due to Covid-19, the meetings are via. Jitsi – please contact the secretary for details (see address above).


Our 2 metre repeater has been repaired and is now back on air. It is now equipped with Yaesu Wires-X. Galway repeater is linked into the CQ Ireland Yaesu fusion network.

This is an IRLP node.The number is 5768.

Besides IRLP, echolink is also available on the repeater EI2TBR-R Node 836867.
Dial dtmf 4151 before the node you want to connect to via VHF handheld, etc.
There is also an Echolink app available for Android.

Our 70cms repeater is on air and is now linked to the 2m box.

here is info on the box
tx is 145.625
rx is 145.025 this input to the box
you need to use ctcss  tone to 77hzirlp node is 5768
echo link  is 836867
both these operate on fm at 5khz devationthe repeater also can also operate on yaseu  digital fusion
and you can connect to the wires -x systmem
aengus ei4abb
aengus ei4abb

Obtaining a license:

Galway Radio Experimenters Club will consider running classes to prepare candidates for the Amateur Radio Station examination.

Anyone interested please reply through our “contact us” page above.


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