Events Calendar

Calendar of events 2019

GREC takes part in some of the events listed below — Join the club and participate.

January: 2019:

Tue. 1st Jan.            80 m Counties Contest @15:00 UTC for

February 2019:

Sun. 17th Feb.         Coolmine Rally

March 2019:

Sun 10th Mar          Limerick Radio Club Rally

Tue 19th.Mar          80m Evening Counties @20:00 UTC for 1 hour

April  2019:

Apr. Sat.  6th               Maamturks  (GREC involved)

Apr.  13th/14th             IRTS AGM — Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Hosted by: Shannon      Basin Radio Club) 


Mon. 22nd Apr.         70cms Counties @ 1pm local for 1hour

Mon. 22nd Apr.         2 m Counties @ 2 pm local for 2 hours

Sat. 27th Apr.              International Marconi Day (from 00.00 to 23.59 )

May 2019:

Sun. 5th May            40m Counties @12:00 UTC for 2 hours

June 2019:

Jun.  Sat/Sun 1/2:             CW field day @15:00 UTC for 24 hours

Jun. 12th to 16th:              Alcock and Brown 100th Festival      See link                                      

Jun. Fri/Sun.  21st to 23rd:            Friedrichshafen Rally

July 2019:

Jul.  Sat/Sun 6/7:      VHF/UHF field day @ 14.00 UTC for 24 hours

Jul.  Sat 20th:                        Joyce Country Challenge-(Finney walk) (GREC involved)

To be arranged   ———–GREC Annual Dxpedition to Inishbofin Island.

August  2019:

Aug. 17th / 18th:    .:            International Lighthouse, Lightship w/e for 48 hours

Aug. 27th.:                            2 m counties  @ 2:00pm local for 2 hours

September  2019:

Sep. 7th/8th                    SSB field day @ 13:00 UTC for 24 hours

Sun Sep. 15th:              70cm Counties @ 1.00pm. local for 1 hour

Sun Sep. 15th:             2m Counties @2.00pm local for 2 hours

October  2019:

Tue. 8th Oct.                        80 m Evening Counties @ 19:00 UTC for 1 hours

Oct.  18th/20th :            Jamboree on the air (JOTA) @ 00:01UTC for 48 hours

November  2019:

Tue 13th Nov.                      80m Evening Counties @ 20:00 UTC for 1 hour

Sun. 17th Nov.              AGM Menlo Park Hotel @3pm.

(to be confirmed nearer the date)