GB100MGY (Marconi Station)

GB100MGY will be operating on
502 kHz from the Fort Perch Rock marine radio museum in the Wirral, UK
during the Titanic commemoration.Their website says:

We have “special permission” from OFCOM to use the 501 to 504 kHz band
from 12th to 18th April from above location at FPR using above callsign.
Please listen out for us on around 502 kHz CW. We will be on air on this
frequency most evenings and overnight on 14th/15th April, the
anniversary of the Titanic’s sad demise. We will be using Marine radio
equipment from Marconi, JRC, Nera with a long wire between fort and
lighthouse and a 6oo foot loop aerial around the fort. We will be be
doing crossband QSO’s on 3566 khz or 7066 kHz. We also have a Kenwood
TS570 100 watts transceiver which will be used on a vertical aerial for
QSO’s on all other amateur bands both CW and single sideband.

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