MARCONI’S NEW STREET WORKS – 1912 – 2012 (Book)

Birthplace of the Wireless Age
By Tim Wander
Book Size (Paperback editions): 7.44 x 9.69″ (246 x 189mm)
ISBN (Paperback editions): 0755206932
ISBN-13 (Paperback editions): 9780755206933

With the centenary of the New Street Works now here ex-Marconi engineer
and historian Tim Wander has spent the past two years putting together a
history of the famous factory. The book is now available direct from the
publishers priced at £12.99 – see, (search for ‘New Street’ or ‘Tim Wander’)

At nearly 400 pages and with over 130 photographs the book charts the
history and development of the site and tells the stories behind the
world beating and world saving technologies that were developed there.
New Street was the birthplace of many technologies that have shaped and
changed our modern world including radio, broadcasting, television,
radar, satellite communications and even the computer and the technology
behind the mobile telephone. But most of all the Marconi New Street
centenary book tells some of the stories of the men and women who worked
there from the 1930’s onward. Over a hundred people have contributed to
a unique oral history – everything from a paragraph or humorous anecdote
through to a career history. With careful editing they have been woven
together to form a permanent record of the factory and the people who
served there.

Many of the photographs in the book are previously unseen and span the
entire history of the New Street site and include some taken earlier
this year inside the main factory showing the dreadful state of decay
and dilapidation now rain water has got into the site though the
vandalised roof.
For more information on New Street and Tim’s forthcoming books see:-

Tim also wrote the book
“2MTWrittle” a couple of years ago about the Birth of British
Broadcasting. He tells me that “Marconi on the Isle of Wight” will be
coming out in a couple of months, and he is also working on another
book: “A Kind of Magic – The Birth of the Wireless Age: Five Years that
Changed the World”

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